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Turning Tides is reliant on public support for the continuation of its services, in particular our crucial hub services, which provide life-saving support to people who are homeless and having to sleep rough. The number of people homeless in England is predicted to jump by a third. Councils are warning there will be a “tidal wave” of need caused by benefit freezes, soaring food and energy bills and the end of Covid eviction bans.
We fear that at this critical time, when demand for our services has never been greater, we may not be able to operate the hubs and provide the support people depend on.

Our hubs and dedicated keyworkers are our ‘frontline’ – ensuring we can support all those in our county that need our support. They are the place where people arrive in despair and receive emotional and practical help, the crucial beginning of a pathway out of their desperate situation. These are extraordinary places of practical support, comfort, acceptance and shared resilience. They transform lives and, without doubt, they save lives. For all these reasons, our services are more important now than ever.

We are asking for help to continue our frontline services, so we don’t let the people who need us down.

Turning Tides’ Chief Executive, John Holmstrom is very concerned: “The future of our frontline services must be secured if we are to continue our life saving work. People come to us, very often, because they have no other place to turn to.  Some are extremely vulnerable and experiencing severe mental ill health, and physical illness, from having to live on the streets. There is no doubt in my mind – if our community hubs are unable to remain open – people’s lives will be at risk.”

The charity’s frontline services provide essential practical and emotional support to people across West Sussex who have to sleep rough. The hubs in particular are the fundamental start to most people’s journey out of homelessness – representing a much-needed safety net – with access to food, showers, washing machines, medical care, counselling, and vital help with housing and employment. People experiencing homelessness depend on them, as one hub-user explains:

“Sleeping rough … I have been through hell and back …  if the community hub had not been open there would have been a lot of deaths.”

Client and frontline staff member chatting in hub

Over the years, thousands of people have depended on support from Turning Tides, something which Claire Halford-Dale, Worthing’s Hub Manager is only too aware:

“It takes a lot of courage for anyone to ask for help. A lot of people that come to us are really at their lowest ebb, they often feel physically and emotionally exhausted – the toll of sleeping rough in all weathers. Every single person that comes to us is different, how they became homeless is different and consequently how we support them is different. It is vital everyone is understood as an individual with their own needs and circumstances.

The one thing they always receive here is a warm and caring smile. To know they don’t have to go through the trauma of homelessness alone – that we are always here to help. We are sometimes the only constant in their lives. I am in no doubt our services have saved lives, especially during the pandemic where isolation really took hold. These are places where people who have nothing at all can finally get the help they need and we need them more than ever.”


Just £50 funds a half day of support

– providing food, warmth, showers, medical support, counselling, housing advice and much more. We are tackling the ‘perfect storm’ of homelessness and we are asking for help to ensure we can stay open so no one faces the trauma of homelessness alone.

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I never thought I would be homeless

If someone told me on my 60th birthday that I’d be homeless the following year, I’d have thought them ridiculous!

For 33 years I worked in care, mainly for elderly people with dementia, in nursing homes and post psychiatric wards. I think I’ve had what most people would consider to be a ‘normal’ life.

But then life took a cruel twist.​

Client Yvonne