Accommodation and Housing

We firmly believe that everyone should have a place to call home. For almost 30 years we have provided thousands within West Sussex with a warm, safe and secure place to stay.

Every year we accommodate over 200 homeless men and women in our 20+ properties throughout West Sussex. For homeless men and women, a roof over their heads is the first step in their journey out of homelessness. However, a room is not enough.

The majority of our clients would find living independently a real struggle, so we do everything we can to support them throughout their journey. We empower clients to become confident and find the strength and belief in themselves to create a brighter future.


Within our residences we provide a range of supportive services, depending on an individual’s needs with the eventual aim of every client moving out of our accommodation and leaving homelessness for good.

In the main, clients can access our accommodation via the Local Authority but potential clients are regularly supported initially via our Community Hubs, Outreach teams and numerous partnerships working in the area.

Our accommodation varies within each location and ranges from temporary hostels to semi-independent accommodation.


Accommodation ranges in terms of:

  • length of stay ie short term and long term
  • type of stay ie shared facilities to self-contained flats
  • level of support ie high support for people with complex needs to floating support in preparation for independent living
  • level of staffing ie most of our accommodation is staffed 24 hours a day, by specially trained keyworkers to meet the needs of our clients
  • specialist support ie for clients who are using substances and need recovery focussed support

200+ men and women

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Were accommodated by Turning Tides (2019-20)

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I was born a heroin addict

My dad was one of the biggest dealers on the South coast. I hated my life growing up. A life with drugs was the only life I’d ever known until I came to Turning Tides.

My partner was also a dealer – it wasn’t a good relationship and we soon spilt up. After we split up I started drinking heavily. I only recognise now, since having had counselling, that I had a nervous breakdown. Social services took my children into care, they were 5 and 7 years of age. Just before the final hearing in Court, I took cocaine and heroin – it felt like it had stopped my heart from breaking.

I quickly became a heroin addict and needed a lot of money to fuel my addiction. I owed my first dealer a lot of money. A new dealer from London stole the keys to my flat – he sexually and physically assaulted me. I really didn’t want this life anymore.

But now, I have half a chance at a normal life. I’m not ready to move out yet, but I am beginning to see future plans are possible. The last 13 months have been the longest I’ve ever been clean from illicit drugs in my entire life.

What about working for us?


Countless times our clients have told us that without our intervention and support ‘they would have died.’

If you would like to know that everyday you have made a real positive impact – then join us and work for us.

You will be welcomed to a dedicated, compassionate and supportive workforce where your strengths and skills will be valued and enhanced.