Putting clients and local community
at the heart of our mission to end homelessness

About Us

Started in 1991 by a group of Christians in Worthing, Turning Tides is now the biggest provider of services for single homeless people in West Sussex. We continue to grow and develop our services to meet the needs of the local area – with over 5,000 supporters, 300 volunteers and 140 staff.

We know anyone’s life can unravel into homelessness. So we bring together compassionate individuals and organisations who work tirelessly to transform the lives of people in our local community and to change perceptions of homelessness.

We provide a warm, safe space to listen to anyone who comes to us for help. We provide real pathways out of homelessness and are committed to supporting people at every stage of their journey. The breadth of our services empower people experiencing homelessness to become confident and find the strength and belief in themselves to create a brighter future.

  • Outreach teams reach out to rough sleepers and run drop in community hubs.
  • Residential projects help people off the streets and support them as they rebuild their lives.
  • Specialist staff work with mental health issues, trauma and addiction.
  • ‘Move-on’ housing provides that much needed step towards independent living.

Our clients shape our services as coproduction is at the heart of everything we do. We work in close partnership, across all sectors, drawing from the strengths and generosity of our local community.

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can end local homelessness.

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990 people in West Sussex

Support with housing

accessed & supported by Turning Tides throughout 2020-21

Support with housing
What We Do
Our Prayers

Everyone should have a home.

With your support we can achieve our mission - to end local homelessness.

Our People

Turning Tides Homeless Mission

Kind, generous and warm hearted

Turning Tides Homeless Mission

A voice for homeless men & women

Turning Tides Homeless Mission

A place of safety, respect & trust

Turning Tides Homeless Mission

Ambitious homelessness is not an inevitability

Turning Tides Homeless Mission

Engaging, motivating and inspiring

Turning Tides Homeless Mission

Inclusive & welcoming

Turning Tides Homeless Misison

Valuing faith, spirituality & our Christian roots

Led by clients’ & communities’ expertise & experience

Clients + Community
Are At The Heart
Of Our Mission


We provide a warm, safe space to listen to anyone who comes to us for help. The breadth of our services support and empower local people experiencing homelessness to become confident and find the strength and belief in themselves to create a brighter future.

Turning Tides’ Timeline

Prayer Pointers

We would be very grateful if you and/or your Church would like to include Turning Tides in your prayers.

We pray through your Word:

  • As we adjust to living with Covid we pray patience and understanding amongst family, friends and community to manage different expectations as to what that involves
  • We pray for clients carrying a heavy burden of old habits and are drawn to the familiar security it brings; may they be strengthened to tackle the risks and challenges which will eventually lead to a fresh, new life.
  • For members of our street community who are in need, we pray they will reach out and seek support, and we in turn may be open to embrace opportunities to serve others
  • Thank you for our individual gifts and the chance to achieve great things by bringing our gifts together; we pray our sights be fixed not on striving for personal victory but to achieve progress for the benefit of many
  • For leaders and people in authority to heed the 8 traits quoted by David 1) They have integrity. 2) They don’t take part in gossip. 3) They don’t harm others. 4) They speak up against wrong. 5) They honour those who walk in the truth. 6) They keep their promise, even at personal cost. 7) They’re not greedy to profit at the expense of others. 8) They’re strong and stable

UPDATED: May 2022