Housing First

Housing First is an evidence-based approach to successfully supporting homeless people with high needs and histories of entrenched or repeat homelessness to live in their own homes, with personalised support.

‘Housing First is a different model because it provides housing ‘first’, as a matter of right, rather than ‘last’ or as a reward.’ The Principles of Housing First by the charity, Homeless Link.

Housing is seen as a human right by Housing First services, and we agree.

Turning Tides’ first launched the Housing First Model in 2020. This means that we have made a commitment to:

  • Providers offer support without a fixed end date; recovery is individual and takes time
  • The service is flexible and can adjust the support intensity and duration as needed
  • The support helps the individual to choose other housing options if they want to
  • The support connects the individual with relevant services across sectors
  • The Housing First service has clear entry and exit pathways



‘After years of being homeless, housing first came into my life. I could not find a property to rent independently. Housing first dealt with all relevant organisations and have secured me a property of my own, taking away all the stress. They have sorted my benefits rent council tax, helped me furnish the property. I still receive ongoing support from an allocated team, I finally have a home again thanks to housing first.’

Where do we work and with who?

We work with multiple councils and Housing associations in Worthing, Horsham and Mid-Sussex to obtain properties for people supported by Housing First. Working within limited stock of properties and under pressure of the housing crisis.


‘The on going support from Turning Tides and other agencies have proved invaluable. I know that if I need help in any way they are only a phone call away which greatly improves my confidence and mental health well-being.’ Client feedback.


Please follow this link if you need help:  https://www.turning-tides.org.uk/get-help/

Or contact our team:


You can find referral forms HERE.

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I was born a heroin addict

My dad was one of the biggest dealers on the South coast. I hated my life growing up. A life with drugs was the only life I’d ever known until I came to Turning Tides.

My partner was also a dealer – it wasn’t a good relationship and we soon spilt up. After we split up I started drinking heavily. I only recognise now, since having had counselling, that I had a nervous breakdown. Social services took my children into care, they were 5 and 7 years of age. Just before the final hearing in Court, I took cocaine and heroin – it felt like it had stopped my heart from breaking.

I quickly became a heroin addict and needed a lot of money to fuel my addiction. I owed my first dealer a lot of money. A new dealer from London stole the keys to my flat – he sexually and physically assaulted me. I really didn’t want this life anymore.

But now, I have half a chance at a normal life. I’m not ready to move out yet, but I am beginning to see future plans are possible. The last 13 months have been the longest I’ve ever been clean from illicit drugs in my entire life.

What about working for us?


Countless times our clients have told us that without our intervention and support ‘they would have died.’

If you would like to know that everyday you have made a real positive impact – then join us and work for us.

You will be welcomed to a dedicated, compassionate and supportive workforce where your strengths and skills will be valued and enhanced.