Join us in Lent4Good

Originally founded by a local group of Christians over 28 years ago, our charity hold the Christian calendar very much in our minds as we navigate the uncertainty of the year ahead. We have now entered Lent, bringing a period of reflection and prayer, together as a congregation and within households across the county. Whilst everyone will have their own special way of observing this time, we ask for you to support our Lent4Good campaign.

By following the 4 steps of Lent4Good, you and your congregation can support those most vulnerable in your community who have suffered great hardships and struggles.

Join together with the community in these 4 ways during Lent:

PRAY: keep the men and women who are experiencing homelessness or in danger of losing their homes in your thoughts and prayers. Our Prayer Pointers are on the right hand side of this page.

GIVE: consider making a donation to support Turning Tides’ Lent4Good campaign – helping the charity to provide support to the increasing numbers who are experiencing homelessness.

SHARE: whether your congregation meet in the open air or virtually, you might consider sharing this Lent4Good web page or our Lent4Good publication with others – helping to spread awareness of homelessness at such a critical time.

ACT: join with us and put God’s love into action by following our Lent4Good calendar of ideas, containing a variety of ways you might support the men and women who rely on our services throughout Lent and beyond.

Your help has never been more vital as increasing numbers of people are losing their jobs and livelihoods through the pandemic and the numbers of local people accessing Turning Tides’ services is rising.

Though we remain in a pandemic, our collective efforts will continue to save lives. Turning Tides, with your support, can provide the safety and security needed to rebuild the lives of local people.

Getting money to us

The quickest way of getting your donations to us is via our online JustGiving campaign – you can also share this with others too.

There are a variety of other ways you can make donations:

  • Pay by card over the phone: call Fundraising Team on 01903 680740
  • Donate by BACS to our bank: please let us know when you have done this and supply a reference so we know who to thank! Our Account is: Turning Tides, Account Sort Code: 40-47-23 Account No: 31498959 (Please use reference LENT21)
  • Post a cheque to us: made payable to ‘Turning Tides’ to: Fundraising Department, Town Hall, Chapel Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1HA (Please note we are unable to accept cheques being dropped at our office during the Cov19 crisis).
Prayer Pointer

Prayer Pointers

  • We give thanks for all the opportunities we are given, please strengthen us and give us wisdom for the challenges we face
  • We pray Lent will help us to consider those in our community who have nothing, and ways in which we might help – however large or small
  • We pray for our clients who feel they are worthless, help them to know that they do matter, and they are loved
  • Please walk with members of our community who feel lost in the wilderness
  • As we enter Lent, we pray for people reviewing their lives, renewing commitments and focussing on charity and good works.
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Other Ways To make a difference

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I never thought I would be homeless

If someone told me on my 60th birthday that I’d be homeless the following year, I’d have thought them ridiculous!

For 33 years I worked in care, mainly for elderly people with dementia, in nursing homes and post psychiatric wards. I think I’ve had what most people would consider to be a ‘normal’ life.

But then life took a cruel twist.​

Client Yvonne