Danielle Huet

Danielle Huet

I am proud of the opportunities that the Volunteering team give to so many individuals. Being so inclusive and non-judgemental opens so many doors for those that may have not had the chance to thrive and develop before. I am proud that Turning Tides are a co-produced organisation, by listening and learning from those individual that have lived in the homeless community enables us to understand and help change lives, this is invaluable.

Amy Thorley

Amy Thorley

I love meeting so many interesting and diverse people, both clients and volunteers, I love the variety it offers and I love the freedom the organisation allows for creative and innovative ways to improve and enhance staff, clients and volunteers experiences. Everything we do is with client and volunteers in mind while offering volunteers the best possible experience. I am proud of our corporate and youth volunteering opportunities and how we involve the wider community in the organisation.

Ali Nicholson

Ali Nicholson

I genuinely love every aspect of my job. I appreciate all the wonderful people I get to meet on a daily basis; volunteers, clients and colleagues. It is a very friendly place to work and I am constantly learning. I am proud to work alongside some incredible people. I am proud that we have people in our volunteer team who have supported the charity since the outset. I am proud that we have opportunities for everyone in our community to get involved, whether its 1 day a year or 1 day a week. I am thrilled that our incredible volunteers have been awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service!

Moira Gardner

Fundraising Moira

My role is about building trusted relationships and partnerships with community organisations, church and faith groups, in order to gain ongoing support and build credibility in the community. I motivate and facilitate supporters to maximise the funds they raise whilst inspiring new supporters to raise money – which includes talks, encouraging donations and working together on joint activities.

Sophie Moore

Fundraising Sophie

My role is not just about fundraising but also has a big focus on educating young people about homelessness, Turning Tides and the difficulties our clients might face. I spend a lot of time in schools delivering informative classes, that break down stereotypes and give insight into the reasons and causes of homelessness and how we can work together to help end local homelessness.

Staff Stories – Fran

Staff Francesca Anderson

The main benefit for me is that I feel I’m doing something that makes a difference! Knowing that I am playing a part in the organisational mission to end local homelessness makes me leap out of bed in the morning – I don’t think there are many people who feel like this about their job!

Staff Stories – Amy

Staff Amy Watkins

I had always admired the work Turning Tides do in our local area. Having previously been homeless myself I felt I could help others out of these circumstances and provide the smile we all need. I love everything about my job! Being in the community and meeting new people, taking on challenges and going home at the end of the day knowing I have tried worked really hard to make a difference.

Staff Stories – Catherine

Staff Catherine Hill

Turning Tides have a really strong reputation as a homelessness provider, in my time working for the charity I had many opportunities to truly make a difference to the lives of those that are most vulnerable in our community. To be part of a charity that is innovative, growing sustainably and truly puts the clients at the heart of all that we do is a privilege.

Staff Stories – Gemma

Staff Gemma Orpwood

I have never felt removed from the work of the charity. I genuinely feel proud to work for Turning Tides. I have seen the difference we have made and heard clients saying that we have literally been their last hope. All of us go the extra mile and work hard – because we really care and want the best for our clients.