Sophie, School and Youth Fundraising Officer

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What is your role in the Fundraising Team?

My role is not just about fundraising but also has a big focus on educating young people about homelessness, Turning Tides and the difficulties our clients might face. I spend a lot of time in schools delivering informative classes, breaking down stereotypes and giving insight into the causes of homelessness. I hope to inspire everyone I meet to work together to end local homelessness. I create a range of fun events all year round for students to get involved with to raise money for Turning Tides.

Why do you work for Turning Tides?

I work for Turning Tides because I have a great passion for helping people. I also get to use my skills and work with some truly inspiring colleagues, volunteers and clients to bring change both in the sector and on an individual basis. Meeting the people whose lives I have helped change for the better is incredibly rewarding. I am often humbled by their strength of character and resilience. Spending time with young people and inspiring and teaching them is an honour, pleasure and privilege.

Three things you love about your role:

  1. Seeing the change we can make together.
  2. Meeting so many amazing members of our community.
  3. Everyday is different and exciting.

What does your work week look like?

I might start my day running a presentation to a class of year 9’s, using activites and discussion to inform them and breakdown misconceptions. I might then go back to office where I’ll work on the planning stages of a fundraising event. I may finish up by gathering resources for a Scout visit that evening. Every day brings new and exciting opportunities – not a single one is the same.

What would you like to say to our supporters?

I want to inspire the young people I meet to take on the challenge of helping us to end local homelessness. I would hope that my talks encourage growth and empathy and understanding. I would like all those who listen to my talks to remember that homeless people are all deserving, are just like anyone else and all have a story to tell.