My Life – Zoe


My home life as a kid was really tough. Dad left us when I was small and Mum was a drinker. She neglected my sister and I – we often went to school with dirty clothes and we would smell. I was really socially anxious as a kid and was bullied. Other stuff was going on at home that I don’t feel comfortable sharing – life wasn’t good at all growing up.

Something happened to me and my sister when we were in our late teens; neither of us could recover from what we experienced. Later, our Mum walked out on us, so my sister (19) and I (17) lived alone and had to fend for ourselves. We were both really messed up and went off the rails. We got involved in recreational drugs – it made us forget.

I was really close to living on the streets a couple of times but was too scared and ended up staying with this boyfriend. Looking back, that was more dangerous.I almost died a couple of times. My boyfriend often injected me, but really badly – I ended up in hospital with an abscess from where he plunged the needle in and I have massive scars on my arms and legs now.