Fundraising in education


Whether a teacher, guide leader, college student or pupil – together we can challenge stereotypes and fight to end local homelessness.

We passionately believe in empowering people and inspiring them to join together as a community to work towards our mission.

A deeper understanding of the causes of homelessness and the support available, not only encourages compassion, but could prevent future generations from becoming homeless themselves.

We offer talks, classroom resources, activities and workshops to schools and youth groups about the realities of homelessness. All of these can be tailored to the curriculum, lesson plan, age group and much more.

Fundraising School

So many ways you can support us!

Worship Donating
Charity of the Year
Heroes and DIY Events
Talks Schools
Thank you

We are so grateful for your support.

Together we can make a difference.

How you can support Turning Tides

We’re lucky to be supported by many schools, colleges and youth groups in the areas we work. Here’s a taster of some of the ways your school can get involved.

DIY Events

We have awesome DIY events that anyone can run throughout the year. We also hold them as part of our events calendar at scheduled times, so you can either jump on board then or whenever suits you.

  • Woolly Hat Day: wear a Woolly Hat for the day and make a donation. (normally held in February)
  • Heroes against Homelessness: dress up as a Hero for the day and make a donation, alternatively you can donate food items. (normally held in October)
  • SleepOuts: give up your bed for the night and sleep somewhere else ie garden, bath, shed etc, get people to sponsor you. Find out more

You are more than welcome to take part in our events held throughout the year! Visit Events Calendar

Inspiration and ideas are limitless and we really have seen a lot of amazing fundraising events out there. Need Ideas?

Sophie Moore and Brownie Pack

Sophie is here to help you

Sophie Moore is our School and Youth Fundraising Officer and she thoroughly enjoys interacting with young people exploring the issue of homelessness and the power of community.

Sophie can work with you to develop fundraising events, lesson plans, activities and talks suitable for the all ages – from primary to college! No matter the class or group size, Sophie is ready to support you.

Topics are explored creatively, interactively and virtually to ensure meaningful participation. Pupils gain so much, aside from being better informed and aware of the real risks of homelessness; they learn compassion, empathy and community spirit. Who knows, we may even inspire them towards a future career – helping others.