Vote for Hercule Van Wolfwinkle

August 2022

We’re incredibly excited to share with you some BIG news.

One of our passionately dedicated supporters, Hercule Van Wolfwinkle (Worthing-based Phil Heckels) who you may know as local artist and Turning Tides’ friend and supporter has been nominated in the 2022 Just Giving Awards, Creative Fundraiser of the Year category.

To date, Phil has raised an incredible £148,178 for Turning Tides and this amount continues to increase, raising vital money to support our under-funded frontline services.

Those of you who haven’t heard about his incredible journey, Hercule is now internationally known for his self-confessed ‘rubbish’ animal portraits. It all started one afternoon when he was doodling a picture of his dog and then posted it on Facebook. Little did he know that post would go viral, and his work would soon be in high demand with requests from all over the globe for portraits flooding into his inbox in their tens of thousands.

Ruth Poyner, Head of Fundraising and Communications at Turning Tides, commented, “Hercule’s endless creativity and one-of-a-kind witticisms are a total delight and bring light-hearted fun to his followers on a daily basis. The generosity of their donations is enormously appreciated, especially at this crucial time with the cost-of-living crisis increasing the need for our services.”

So, please vote for your fellow volunteer and our wonderful fundraiser, and if you can, share this news with everyone you know so they can vote for him too!

Hercule’s fundraising support continues to be vital in protecting the future of our service provision, helping Turning Tides to provide the pathway for people’s journey out of homelessness – to a life where they can thrive. Our gratitude is immeasurable.

Therefore, a vote for Hercule will not only endow him with the accreditation he deserves but it will raise awareness of the fundraising efforts he continues to make for Turning Tides.

Hercule has been nominated as one of just 24 finalists, but only 8 will be crowned winners. However, whatever the outcome he will always be a winner in our hearts.

Please vote for Hercule van Wolfwinkle>>>

It takes a couple of minutes, and it would mean the world to Hercule and the Turning Tides service users that we support.

PLEASE DON’T FORGET you need to scroll down to the bottom and enter your email address in order to submit your vote once you’ve clicked ‘vote for me’ on my name.

You can find out more about Hercules incredible journey by following his Facebook page>>

And remember – we’re sure you’ll friends, and family would love to vote too, so please share our social media voting posts far and wide, as sharing helps to bring new supporters to Phil’s page and keep the fundraising going.

Thank you.