Turning Tides heads to Houses of Parliament to advocate for change

April 2023

On 20th April, Turning Tides joined a vital roundtable discussion with Felicity Buchan MP, Minister for Housing, Homelessness and Communities, calling for action on the rural homelessness crisis.

As part of a coalition of rural advocates and homelessness organisations, Turning Tides is asking the government to make a clear commitment that ‘rural homelessness counts’.

Following the recent shocking report by academics at the University of Kent and the University of Southampton, backed by leading homelessness academics and experts, Turning Tides was invited to the Houses of Parliament to have its voice heard at the discussions.

Turning Tides’ Ruth Poyner, Head of Communications and Fundraising, Justin Rodell, Outreach Worker, and Franc, a volunteer with lived experience of homelessness, were part of the conversation pushing for change from leaders.

To make sustainable change every voice needs to be heard around the table. Franc was able to share his first-hand experiences of rural homelessness, and help advise on recommendations from both the coalition and authors of the report. He said: “There was an incredible breadth and depth of people with great knowledge working on the problem.

Thanks to the English Rural Housing Association and the National Housing Federation for inviting us, and to Felicity Buchan MP, Minister for Housing, Homelessness and Communities, for supporting our campaign and getting everyone around the table.

Watch the video below to hear Franc speak on his experience joining the roundtable discussion on rural homelessness at Houses of Parliament.