News coverage of mobile hub shines a light on hidden homelessness

September 2022

Mobile Community HubAfter the recent launch of our new mobile hub, we are pleased to see various news coverage, highlighting the issue of hidden rural homelessness in West Sussex, and how the new hub is tackling this.

The converted double-decker bus, generously donated by The Danny Gallivan Trust, connects us directly with the ‘hidden homeless’ in remote areas of our county, enabling us to offer the same life-saving support to people experiencing homelessness as we offer at our static hubs.

The bus is fitted with a kitchenette, shower, toilet, washing machine, IT resources, private meeting space for advice and counselling, and a comfortable seating area. The bus offers a fundamental start to a person’s journey out of homelessness – representing a much-needed safety net.

Visit Turning Tides’ Vimeo to see the bus featured on BBC South Today and ITV News Meridian

All our community hubs – including the new mobile service – are at risk due to a significant funding shortfall. Can you help us with a donation towards the bus’s running costs, which are around £100 a day?

Through your donation you can help someone like Turning Tides client Andy, who has experienced homelessness and credits the charity with helping him to rebuild his life. He is now helping others as one of our volunteer bus drivers. Andy says:

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“Homelessness can take your dignity away – you don’t feel human. It is a very dark lonely place. Turning Tides offer so much – shelter, warmth, fellowship. They have been so helpful and understanding and through the charity I feel I have grown. I have such a better life now than I had before. This bus and the charity are life-saving.”

To find out more please visit our Mobile Hub page