Join Hercules ‘24 Hours Till Sleep’ Fundraising Challenge

June 2024

Join Hercules ‘24 Hours Till Sleep’ Fundraising Challenge!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Hercules Van Wolfwinkles next fundraising challenge: the ‘24 Hours Till Sleep’ Drawathon!

What’s the challenge? For a full 24 hours, Hercule will be creating pet portraits non-stop! Yes, you read that right—he won’t rest until the challenge is complete. And guess what? You can watch him live during this creative marathon!

Where? The challenge kicks off at 7 PM on Friday, July 12th, and then moves to the Colonnade House Art Gallery in Worthing from 10 AM on Saturday, July 13th. Come visit, say hello, and witness the magic unfold as each portrait takes shape!

How can you get your pet portrait drawn? It’s simple! Make a donation (any amount you’re comfortable with) via the fundraiser page HERE.

The proceeds go to two incredible charities: Turning Tides and StreetVet. Please show your support by donating and getting involved.

The exciting part: Email Hercule at a screenshot of your donation, a photo of your pet, and your guess for how many portraits I’ll complete during the challenge. He’ll draw as many as possible, but no guarantees—last time, he tackled 1 in 4 submissions!

Win an amazing prize: Guess the correct number of completed portraits, and you’ll enter a draw to win an original pet portrait!

Deadline: Submit your entry by 11:59 pm on Thursday, July 11th.

Let’s make a difference: We can’t wait for this challenge! Please help Hercule raise funds for both charities.

Thank you, Hercule for your amazing fundraising efforts.

See you there!