Isobel, Volunteer Co-ordinator

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Why do you work for Turning Tides?

I have always wanted to work in a role that gives me the opportunity to support my community. In previous positions I have enjoyed leading a team to deliver engaging events for my University. I am looking forward to developing this experience as Community Connector- Volunteer Coordinator at Turning Tides as I feel my job has an important role in furthering the organisations reach.

What do you love about your job?

While I am relatively new to my position, I already love the supportive environment of Turning Tides. I also enjoy how interesting my role is as one day never feels the same! I’m looking forward to connecting with more volunteers and creating some great opportunities.

What is something you are proud of?

I’m proud of the experience I can bring to Turning Tides from my previous volunteering roles. I worked for my student Union Services for two years, first as Vice President of the Philosophy Society at Southampton University and then as Editor-in-Chief of the student magazine Wessex Scene. In these roles I organised many events for the student community that I am proud of and hope to bring these skills to Turning Tides.