Help Homeless People to Bloom in East Grinstead

August 2022

Our support for homeless people in our community goes beyond providing a warm place to sleep, a nutritious meal and a listening ear. When a person in need steps through our doors, we know this is only the start of their journey to recovery, and we will continue walking with them every step of the way.

Therefore, when Lisa, reached out to us with a request we did not waver! Lisa has experienced homelessness and is rebuilding her life with the support of Turning Tides.

She is now a PACT Representative (a partnership and co-production team which steers the development, operations, and evaluation of our services through a client led team), a Clients Co-Production Lead, and Turning Tides volunteer.

Lisa says: “I am very passionate about Turning Tides and the work they do for many people, like myself, who was taken in at the lowest point of my life. I am eternally grateful to the organisation, and the individuals who have helped me along my road to recovery and heading towards living an independent life….one day as they have with many others”.

…. “These are my personal thoughts, and I could write all day long praising Turning Tides and why I got involved with PACT and Co-Production, and I continue to give back whatever I can do to help Turning Tides, who I honestly believe saved my life, but today I’m here to ask you on behalf of the residents if you can help us get out and do some gardening”.

Lisa is staying in our West Hill project in East Grinstead, alongside 16 other people who have experienced homelessness.

She continues, “some of us feel really privileged that we have this absolutely amazing space – our garden is massive, it is a fairy tale garden some of us might say and we are really excited about being given this opportunity to focus on something positive and make an impact for future residents”.

Research has shown the increasing benefits green spaces can have for our wellbeing and mental health therefore, this summer is the perfect opportunity for the residence at West Hill to continue rebuilding their lives and embrace the outdoors, but they need your help.

 “This will hopefully not only give us a nice garden to look at but will help us to become self-sufficient and start growing our own fruit and vegetables”.

Therefore, we are asking our wonderful supporters for garden donations to help Lisa and the West Hill residences. They are in need of:

Garden Machinery/Equipment (These would need to be cordless)

Lawn mower, Strimmer, Long armed hedge trimmer, Shovel, Seating & tables, Chairs, Sun loungers, Small tables, Stones, Slabs & Soil, Paving slabs, Stepping Stones, Rockery Stones, Rockery Slabs, Soil, Fertilizer.


Plants, Shrubs, Seeds, Bulbs, Climbers, Trailing plants, Carpet Plants, Small – Tall plants, Fruit trees, Bushes

Anything ornamental

Water features, Lighting, Ornaments, Centre pieces, Plant pots, Bird feeders, Nesting boxes

“Anything you can donate will be gratefully received… we are keen on creating a country cottage style garden that is as beautiful as it is tranquil, but also inviting to the wildlife… And it will help us improve and learn new life skills as well as benefiting our mental and physical health, giving us all a sense of self-worth, satisfaction, and achievement”.

Your donations will have continued benefits for the residents of West Hill, and through Lisa’s work with Co-Production and PACT, others that come to us for help will be able to develop these important life skills and restore wellbeing through the health benefits of this project.

To support this project please contact Moira Gardner on Phone: 01903 680740 Ext No: 248  Email: