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How did Equiniti become interested in Turning Tides?

A couple of years ago staff at Equiniti’s Durrington and Lancing offices set up and supported our charity’s supermarket collections as part of our Christmas appeal. From then on they have been supportive of numerous other fundraising events and initiatives. Equiniti employees have Volunteer Days and many have used these to support our Breakfast Club at Community Hubs.

How have they supported our charity?

Equiniti have been involved in a number of corporate volunteering days and teams of staff have taken part in both Go the Distance and the SleepOut. Most recently, Equiniti gave a generous company donation to our Emergency Covid Appeal.

“Abbi from Turning Tides has visited Equiniti’s offices to speak to colleagues and raise awareness of homelessness in the area and all the different services offered, which has helped us feel connected to Turning Tides and want to look for more fundraising and volunteering opportunities over time.” – Kate Prangnell, Group Corporate Responsibility Manager.

What have Equiniti gained from their involvement with our charity?

Roisin Bigg, who took part in one of our Annual SleepOuts, told us how the event really made her appreciate how harsh rough sleeping must be:

“What surprised me was how difficult it was to sleep at all despite being in the safe environment of school grounds, and also the amount of time and trouble it took to set up somewhere to sleep, even with the help of my colleagues and cardboard, blankets and hot drinks provided. It was a cold wet night and I’m pretty sure most of us didn’t sleep much at all and that was tough. I got to go home to my warm bed and get some rest, homeless people don’t have that luxury and the Sleep Out has shown and taught me how much tougher it is to sleep rough than what we could ever imagine.”