Andy thanks Turning Tides’ wonderful supporters

July 2022

Andy is a client at Turning Tides. He wished to share his gratitude to our wonderful fundraisers and supporters…


“I have been supported by Turning Tides for just over three years. I had nowhere else to go. I know people who have become homeless and lost hope, and I know how that feels. Homelessness can take your dignity away – you don’t feel human. Homelessness is a very dark lonely place.

“Turning Tides offer so much – shelter, warmth, fellowship. They have been so helpful and understanding and through the charity I feel I have grown. I have such a better life now than I had before. It is the ongoing support that makes all the difference. It is fundamental and helps people to keep moving forwards.

“When people like you support Turning Tides it is giving a fellow human being another chance. It is a compassionate and caring thing to do for people from all walks of life. Often people have blinkers on and look at homeless people and think ‘alcohol and drugs’, but it isn’t always like that. Sometimes it is a divorce or a business that has gone wrong. Sometimes we just have to take the blinkers off and help another human being.

“I am currently living in one of Turning Tides’ residential projects. I still get a front door moment every time I walk through the door. A key to a front door is such an important thing. Turning the key in the lock brings me belonging and safety.

“It really is possible to turn everything around and start again.

“Thank you so much for your support.”