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Move on Housing

Move on Housing

The overall aim of our Move On Housing is to work with clients to develop a support plan, to ensure that they use the opportunity of this step down accommodation to progress towards long term, independent living.

We have a range of accommodation and tenures:

  • 3 medium support houses providing a range of shared facilities and self-contained flats. Residents have a license agreement and our new support worker will provide a couple of hours a week support to these people to ensure wellbeing and tenancy sustainment skills are embedded before they move into more independent accommodation. We also have a resident warden based on site across two of these houses to provide additional low level housing support. This supported accommodation provides 11 units for people with a range of support needs, many of whom have come through our own homelessness pathway.
  • We also have one property which has recently been refurbished and now provides 10 units. This building is predominantly for Worthing Borough Council nominations to ensure people can be moved out of temporary accommodation or off the streets. However, we have so far secured 4 of the flats for residents moving through our services, by liaising with the council and ensuring excellent joint working to free up spaces where needed in hostel accommodation. This accommodation has no support attached but we have been able to offer some light touch tenancy sustainment support where needed and have also identified clients who may be better suited to a higher level of support in order to house them more appropriately.
  • The final two properties that we have are General Needs tenancies and house 8 clients with no or very low support needs. We provide a housing management service only at these properties.

Move On Housing was remodelled earlier this year as part of a review aimed at making sure we are utilising our housing stock to best meet the move on needs of our hostels and bridging a gap between high support hostel accommodation and rough sleepers and independent tenancies.