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Lyndhurst Rd

Lyndhurst Rd

We are delighted to announce the opening of a new addition to our projects; a 37 bed temporary accommodation hub on Lyndhurst Rd. It is our hope that this will go some way to reducing the increasing number of rough sleepers on the streets of Worthing.

There is a serious shortage of housing for single people and couples in the town. The main reason people lose their accommodation is due to a change in circumstances such as redundancy, breakdown in relationships, termination of private lets and health breakdowns. A lack of social housing and the very high demand for private rented housing makes it easy for people to “fall through the net” if they do not have family with spare accommodation. Private rented housing has become out of reach for most local people on a low income as Local Housing Allowance levels fail to keep pace with rising rents.

The building, which is located on Lyndhurst Rd, has been gifted to us by Roffey Homes free of rent for up to five years. In conjunction with Roffey Homes and the Council, we put forward a proposal, which was approved by the Worthing Borough Council in January 2018.

The former NHS offices and nurses’ accommodation is in the process of being converted into a 37 bed short-stay accommodation for local homeless individuals. The building will be divided into contained flats that will provide temporary accommodation for different client groups; couples, women only, men only and mental health referrals. The ground floor will also provide office space for Turning Tides staff, but also for a multi-agency team of 10 to 15 staff. Our aim is to create a more joined up and effective and efficient front to tackling homelessness locally.

We anticipate that this project will identify a longer term need for a permanent short stay supported housing project and work will commence from the outset of the scheme to develop this. Turning Tides is working with the Council to develop a move on housing strategy. The procurement and development of new housing will form a part of this as well as how to make best use of existing private rented and social housing.

The most recent rough sleeping figures for Worthing show the number of rough sleepers has increased to 35 individuals. This reflects the nationwide increase in rough sleeping, an increase of 169% since 2010. It is our hope that this emergency accommodation project will go some way to helping those who are most vulnerable in our community.

We've got lots to do before the project opens, however there are a number of ways you can get involved:

  • You can make a financial donation to support this project. We are currently kitting out all the rooms with a beds, mattresses, mattress toppers, bins, chests of drawers and bedside tables, we a predicting this will cost £350 per room. If you are an individual or member of a community group, school or business and would like to sponsor a room please contact info@turning-tides.org.uk or ring 01903 680740 ext 242.
  • All Clients will be welcomed into the project with a start up pack, including: 1 x body towel, 1 x hand towel, 1 x frying pan, 1 x pan, cutlery and a plate, bowl and mug. If you would like to buy an item/s for the start up pack please see our amazon wish list here.
  • We are also looking for volunteers! Not only to help us man the ship when we are up and running, but also to help with painting, decorating and gardening before we open. If you are interested in lending a hand please contact volunteering@turning-tides.org.uk or ring 01903 680743.
  • Help us make this house a home - we are looking for local artists to donate works for this new project and local businesses to donate surplus food such as bread, fruit and other staples. if you able to help please contact info@turning-tides.org.uk or ring 01903 680740 ext 242.