Staff Stories – Moira

How long have you worked for the organisation?

I have worked for Turning Tides for eight months.

What is your current role and briefly what does your job entail?

I am a Fundraising Officer for Community Groups.

My main role is to build trusted relationships and partnerships with various community organisations to develop and grow our supporters. This includes supporting events which bring the community together, liaising with supermarkets to coordinate donations, supporting others to fundraise for us and conducting talks to raise awareness. I work closely with faith based groups who have continued their loyal support throughout the 28 years we have been operating.

As part of the Fundraising Team I am involved in creating and running events as part of the exciting Turning Tides fundraising calendar. Myself and our fabulous volunteers often attend key community events, fayres and carnivals in order to showcase the work we do and the need for ongoing donations.

What made you apply for a job with us?

I knew Turning Tides had a strong trusted reputation locally and I myself have been on their mailing list and have been watching the charity grow and develop.

I wanted to work in the charity sector and homelessness is an issue that interests me greatly.

I worked in a local high school before this post, as a pastoral manager. This involved working with children and families who were vulnerable with high levels of need – mostly resulting from difficult and challenging backgrounds with addiction, financial hardship and domestic abuse. All those factors could be contributory factors which lead into homelessness. I had previous experience of supporting families through the possible loss of their home so I was acutely aware of the impact this had on people’s lives.

I wanted to use all my skills to help raise awareness and funds to support those who are at risk of becoming homeless or or those who are making their way to living independently.

What do you feel are the main benefits of working with us?

Turning Tides is a really progressive and caring organisation. Whilst we support and care for vulnerable people in our community – it is matched with the compassion shown towards its staff.

There is a real learning culture in the charity. I have attended some amazing inhouse training, especially the training delivered by clients to introduce staff to the co-production ethos which is firmly routed in the charity.

What do you love about your job?

I enjoy teaming up with people and the energy we have for finding creative ways to fundraise.

I love the fact that everywhere I go people want to give to our charity – time, goods, money etc. I have been so overwhelmed by people’s generosity and selflessness. For our supporters the act of giving is enough. I also get to see the appreciation from our clients and how it warms them to know that people in their community care – it is a win win!!

I relish being part of a dynamic team of like minded individuals with a drive, enthusiasm and commitment to make things happen in order to change the lives of homeless people.

What would you say for anyone thinking of applying to work with us?

Do it! It’s a great place to work and it feels like one big team across the organisation. I have never met such a willing and dedicated bunch of individuals who respect each other for the role, skills and qualities they bring.

The idiom that people may not remember what you did or what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel springs to mind. Working for Turning Tides feels warm, comforting and accepting.