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St Clare's Community Hub 6 Day Opening

Over the past year Turning Tides have increased their commitment to work with clients who present with more complex needs. To enable us to continue to do this whilst also maintaining a duty of care to our clients, staff and volunteers, it has been decided that we need to provide an enhanced service to our breakfast session clients at St Clare’s by improving the staff cover. In order to do this we must unfortunately cut down on the number of days that we offer this particular service.

From 1st April 2017 St. Clare’s Community Hub will no longer open on Sundays. When speaking with clients we have understood that the service they need from us in terms of accessing housing, mental health support, substance or alcohol misuse support and group work holds greater priority for them than the Sunday morning breakfast so we make this decision in accordance with their needs. We have spoken with other agencies locally to see what other meal provisions there are on a Sunday.

Below we have provided information for those that need it on where to go to get a meal on Sundays when St Clare's will be closed, but also throughout the week: