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Pull Up A Chair

Pull Up A Chair

Christmas is often a desperate time for so many of our clients who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless – practically, financially and emotionally.

At Turning Tides, we do everything we can to make Christmas a special occasion. With a full Christmas dinner, the safety and warmth at the Hub and most importantly emotional support, for £35 would you consider ‘pulling up a chair’ around our Christmas table for one of your neighbours this Christmas?

Your help can make an enormous difference to someone this Christmas. Read our newsletter below to find out how we supported Paul when he found himself homeless. In his own words, Paul encountered:

“..feeling despised, avoided or even abused by members of the public, any small act of kindness or human warmth – a kind word or a smile – is perhaps ultimately the most valuable form of sustenance to a suffering homeless person.”

Members of the public, businesses, community groups can now individually and collectively show people whose lives have deteriorated into homelessness compassion this Christmas. For just £35 you can ‘pull up a chair’ or for £70 two chairs, for a homeless man or woman in your community to help them feel safe, warm and cared for.

For our clients, knowing they can be safe and warm indoors away from the coldest weather of the year, being assured a hot healthy meal to eat in comfort with company and support to find the belief in themselves a brighter future is ahead of them is vital. For some, it could be the first step out of homelessness for good.


Or you might consider giving a £35 gift card to post to a loved one. This really is a gift that would warm the hearts of your friends and family by knowing this is truly making a difference to someone who is facing probably the toughest time in their life.

TO ORDER YOUR GIFT CARD CONTACT US: fundraising@turning-tides.org.uk or phone 01903 680740