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Prayer Pointers

We would be very grateful if you and/or your Church would like to include Turning Tides in your prayers.


Here are our latest prayer pointers, we pray:

  • We give thanks for the joined up approach of local agencies to find accommodation for people losing temporary accommodation recently
  • We pray for tolerance and strength as COVID19 continues to affect daily lives. Please guide us towards other ways to refresh ourselves during the Summer, particularly if holiday and travel plans have been affected
  • Help us to think about the journeys travelled by many of our clients through their lives. Many will have suffered a trauma of some kind.  Help them to seek and find the help and support they need to move forward
  • We give thanks for people blessed with IT knowledge who go the extra mile to share skills to educate and include members of our community through various outreach initiatives
  • We pray for integrity, especially when making decisions which affect others

Last Updated: July 2020