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Prayer Pointers

We would be very grateful if you and/or your Church would like to include Turning Tides in your prayers.


Here are our latest prayer pointers, we pray:

  • We give thanks for positive community spirit, mental health and support workers, members of the Church and others who carry out unseen wonders during these challenging times.
  • Sorry for the fear and greed we allow into our lives. Please help us to remain faithful and encourage each other by reaching out to anyone feeling isolated or in need.
  • Due to social distancing, some of our clients and staff have to adjust the way support is delivered; please help the mental health and well being of clients and staff whilst working in a new way.
  • Please help us to find a good balance between being informed about current affairs and not feeling overwhelmed. Please bring peace to people thrown together unexpectedly and living in close quarters.
  • We pray strength and integrity for decision makers, including those responsible for housing and supporting our homeless community.

Last Updated: April 2020