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Donate in Memory

By leaving a gift in your will you can help us to ensure our vital services can continue to provide for those in need in our local area in the years to come. If you have remembered people who are vulnerable in the community during your lifetime it can be reassuring to know that your support will extend beyond this. Your gift will make a lasting difference to someone's life. 

There are different types of gifts that can be left in wills:

Leave a specific gift  in your will

Ensure your will is valid and legal by using a professional will writer or a solicitor. They can explain to you how to ensure the people you want to remember and any charities you want to support are recognised in your will and will benefit from it. Here you can leave specific items such as property, jewellery or furniture that the charity may use or benefit from.

Leave a cash gift in your will

This type of giving is probably the first that springs to mind. By leaving a pecuniary legacy you are instructing your solicitor that you would like a certain amount of cash to be left to your chosen charity.

Leave a residuary gift

This is a gift of the remainder of your estate once gifts left to loved ones have been shared out and any taxes or debts are paid. In leaving this type of gift you ensure that all your estate is divided up between people and causes of your choice and not left to the government to disperse. We would love to know if you have left us a gift in your will. This will allow us to thank you and let you know how your gift will benefit the people we work with. For more information about will writing and leaving a gift in your will please contact us on 01903 680740 or email us at:

Rosemary Hensby Solicitors have very kindly offered a free will writing service for anyone who would like to leave a legacy to Turning Tides. They can be contacted on 01903 239420.

Whilst Turning Tides are very grateful to Rosemary Hensby for this kind offer, Turning Tides does not assume any independent responsibility for the conduct or competence of the solicitor. Rosemary Hensby Solicitors will act exclusively in the interests of the testator and retain the freedom to advise the testator impartially. Rosemary Hensby will keep the testator's instructions confidential, unless the testator authorises these to be disclosed.