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How to Help

Turning Tides needs just over £2.4 million a year to fund all of the services we offer. Therefore, we need to raise a lot of money to finance this. As well as the money side of things, we also receive donations of time, food and goods which enable us to help the 1100 individuals who turn to us each year for help.

As part of our fundraising efforts, we organise events such as a sponsored Sleepout and a sponsored walk, we also have a Fundraising Committee who run their own events and collections. The Committee will also attend other functions where there is a possibility of raising some money.

We could not continue to do the work we do without the generosity of individuals, schools, companies, churches, community groups, etc. giving their time, money and donations.

If you are interested in helping Turning Tides, please follow the links on this page.


Turning Tides is a community led homelessness charity that puts clients and local people at the heart of our mission to end local homelessness. The charity has been providing help and support to the homeless community since its establishment in 1991. Help and support can take the... read more»

  Educational Resources

Educational Resources

A large part of our work as a charity is, and needs to be, around talking about the realities of homelessness and bringing to the fore the issues in our town. Homelessness is something we can feel removed from and it is something often misunderstood. Please see our resources below to introduce the topic... read more»



There are a variety of ways in which you and your business can get involved with supporting Turning Tides. This does not need to always be financial support but can be by coming along to one of our fundraising events or even organising your own within your workplace. We have a number of annual... read more»

Prayer Pointers

We would be very grateful if you and/or your Church would like to include Turning Tides in your prayers.     Here are our latest prayer pointers, we pray: As many of us leave for our summer holidays, help us to think about the journeys travelled by many of our... read more»