Emergency Covid Appeal

July 2020

Join our campaign to keep homeless people in our community alive. We urgently need your help.

We are the largest provider of support for single homeless people in West Sussex and we’ve been doing this work for 28 years – but we have never seen anything like the situation we are facing now.

We run 21 properties supporting some 200 homeless people. On top of this, a new intake of homeless men and women are being temporarily housed in hotels and B&Bs to protect them from Covid-19. These numbers are growing all the time – there is more call than ever for our support services.

For every rough sleeper there are approximately 20 others sleeping on sofas, in vehicles or in insecure circumstances. As the virus spreads, these arrangements are breaking down. Covid-19 is accelerating financial hardship, relationship breakdown and mental health issues, all of which contribute to homelessness.

Our courageous staff are designated keyworkers and are under huge pressure. Putting their own health at risk, they are providing support to so many who are completely reliant on them to survive this crisis – from the basic necessities of food and toiletries to physical and mental health support. On the streets, homeless people survive on the generosity of the public. But now, although temporarily housed, most are very much alone, frightened, in poor health and more unsure than ever as to what their future holds. Many are housed in one room with no support networks or family to lean on.

Please do help us by making a donation – you will ensure our services keep running and you will genuinely help to save, and transform, lives.

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Homeless people are incredibly vulnerable in the face of Covid-19. For so many their health has already been damaged by trauma, rough sleeping and poverty.

80% of the people we support have mental health issues. Half are aged over 50. Homeless people already die 30 years sooner than everyone else.

But as the need for our support grows, at least half of our annual fundraising income from events and community donations will be heavily impacted.

The Government recently announced a £750 million fund to support charities through the crisis. We welcome this but we know it won’t go far enough and won’t reach everyone in need. As a whole, the charity sector is set to lose a staggering £4 billion in 12 weeks.

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