Rebuilding lives

You are helping us to
save and rebuild lives


As the country transitions into life after lockdown we’d like to tell you about the incredible things – you – are helping us to achieve throughout this pandemic.

We still have a long way to go but we wanted to take the time to let you know how your support is helping us to help so many.

During the first lockdown, across the nation, some 37,500 homeless people were rapidly brought into emergency accommodation to protect them from the virus – shining a light on the real extent of homelessness – now understood to be 9 times more than the pre-Covid Government estimate.

Here at Turning Tides, the impact on us is enormous. From March 2020 to April 2021, thanks to you, we supported just over 990 people – and more are coming to us as temporary measures cease. Locally, the number of people presenting as newly homeless has doubled.

88% of our workforce remained on the frontline through each lockdown, risking their health and working every hour to support the hundreds of people who desperately need them. Many staff suffered with Covid and some needed support in hospital.

Our dedicated workforce protect our clients day in and day out. Even without Covid, people who are homeless die 30 years sooner than everyone else – but so far – we have not lost a single person to Covid. Your generosity has genuinely saved lives.

We are seeing people from all walks of life losing their foothold in life – each with their own individual story. We listen carefully to everybody to create a tailored and personal support plan that works for them.

We now have 39 different projects and 205 units of accommodation across West Sussex providing different levels of support to ensure there is an individual pathway for every single person to leave homelessness behind.

We have succeeded in reducing the average amount of time homeless people have to spend rough sleeping by 65% – from 17 weeks to 6 weeks. But 6 weeks on the streets can still be an eternity…

We are continuing to grow our reach to help more people throughout the county. For example, our Mid Sussex Team supported 53% more people recently.

Our Multi-Disciplinary Team have expanded to offer their support to 47% more people – supporting a total of 359 people with 24-hour counselling, help with trauma, mental health and medical support.

Our 28 bed Recovery Project is now recognised as an exemplar in the sector and has been awarded 6 years of future funding to ensure its vital work continues. We are now the lead partner coordinating essential work across the region with two other charities: Emerging Futures and Stonepillow. The Recovery Project helps people to overcome substance misuse and supports them to heal the issues that led to addiction.

The road ahead, however, is deeply concerning. In West Sussex, a record number of nearly 1,000 people are in emergency temporary accommodation. People are often completely unsupported, with complex needs, at risk of exploitation and harm, and in a sense more hidden than ever.

In the last few months, we have seen a 45% increase in the number of people rough sleeping, compared to the previous quarter.  This increase is due to a shift in focus as local authorities are no longer consistently accommodating rough sleepers as part of Covid measures. On top of this, the economic impact of Covid means more and more people are becoming homeless.

We have worked fast to add 23 further units of much needed accommodation countywide.  These include more houses in Littlehampton, Burgess Hill and Worthing as well as creating further units within our current residences. With such a shortage of affordable housing in the region we will inevitably need to continue to create more of these housing solutions.

The Numbers

And then there is You!

Our generous supporter – who wants to let others know they are not alone and that life can get better. Your support is enabling this life-saving work and we hope you will continue with us as we strive to meet the unprecedented challenges ahead. The end of the pandemic might be appearing on the horizon – but a homeless crisis is just beginning. We need and appreciate you more than ever. 

Thank you!

Your support makes a difference

£3: is a hot breakfast for someone sleeping rough, for some, the only hot meal of the day

£12: provides someone with a morning in our Hub with breakfast, hot shower, clean clothes taking their first steps out of homelessness

£25: helps someone regain a sense of self-worth through healthcare and counselling

£70: pays for our Support Workers to provide advice, guidance and support – from housing and benefit applications to CV writing and training courses

£100: pays for one day of Outreach Services in Horsham and Mid Sussex, engaging rough sleepers with our services

Two Homeless men