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A Different Life

At the beginning of this year 2013 I was looking at being homeless for a second time in my life and once again Turning Tides was there to provide help and support. Initially through... read more »

Just Beginning

I was living with my mum and her boyfriend, but he and I didn’t get on. We kept arguing and in the end they asked me to leave. I spent a few weeks staying... read more »

Moving forward

I wanted to start my own business. I was sick of working at an estate agents, the atmosphere was horrible. I was being bullied by a senior member of staff, after arranging a complaints... read more »

My Journey

Hi, my name is Alex. And I have been asked to write a small piece, about my journey from becoming homeless, to securing my own tenancy for a flat that I will be moving... read more »

Thank You

I came out of prison in Feb 2009 but breached my license so got recalled in May. I was released again in December 2010 and stayed in a bail hostel until my license expired.... read more »

The New Me

How do we say or do enough to show the unconditional gratitude to Turning Tides, there aren’t enough thank you’s in the world. Turning Tides changes my life and my attitude to life. I... read more »