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Worthing Summer Busk - Saturday July 22nd 2017

The atmosphere and entertainment of the Turning Tides Summer Busk will reinvent itself on Saturday July 22. This annual Worthing town centre street music day for the town’s homeless charity - now into its 16th year - adds to its mix the experience of relaxed cafe listening to acoustic sounds in a new venue at morning coffee time, lunch or afternoon tea.

Progressive community hub St Paul’s in Chapel Road will become a Summer Busk venue for the first time. This indoors means Turning Tides (Turning Tides) can present instrumentalists excluded from the event because they are difficult to stage outdoors.

So the magical romantic sound of a full-sized orchestral harp, the refinement and fun interplay of an all-female string quartet, a fascinating trio of Medieval and Renaissance viols and mandolin, and a warm, friendly quartet of clarinets will feature with an unexpected versatility of music – plenty of which is not automatically associated with these instruments.

And the special multi-ethnic diversity group, Worthing Women’s Hub Choir, will be among three singing groups interspersed in the Turning Tides Summer Busk line-up at St Paul’s Cafe.

Montague Place rejoins the scene after redevelopment, with the nationally-admired Glendale Theatre Arts Dance School highlighting the action alongside the bands line-up. And there is dance doing likewise at South Street Square, including jive, and onlookers can join in line dancing with Maggie Mitsuhashi, who has danced at the Paris Follies and in Japan and USA.

Most Summer Busk performers are from the Worthing area.

St Paul’sFlag day map
10am: Just Strings Quartet (all-female, all sorts of music)
11am: Worthing Women’s Hub and Shine choirs (soul-pop-gospel)
12noon: Chalumeaux Too (swinging variety)
1pm: Singers Rechoired (mixed-voice choir)
2pm: Jasmin Yap (romantic, solo harp)
3pm: The Pastores Ensemble (viols & mandolin, early music)

Montague Place:
10am: Ted Young (one-man band, guitar and kitchen sink!)
11am: Soulsmiths Lite (female soul duo)
12noon: Glendale Theatre Arts Dance School (show dance & song)
1pm: Men At Risk (male vocal trio & guitar, cover favorites)
2pm: Antidote (5-piece, original pop-folk-rock)
3pm: Celtic Shore (Authentic Irish pub trio)
4pm: Featherstone Jazzmen with Godfrey Sheppard (trad jazz)

South Street Square:
11am: Cadillac Country (C&W)
12noon: Jiveplay (dance)
12.30: Snakes & Ladders (country-rock inspired)
1.30: Maggie’s Dance Classes (line dancing)
2pm: John Stapleton’s Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Party
3pm: Keene’s Dance Studio (Ballroom and Latin)
3.30-4.40om: No Fit State (pop covers)